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Developer Checklist
These are the basic steps involved in any development project:

  • Start with an idea
  • Research idea
  • Make a content plan
  • Buy a domain 
  • Gather content
  • Buy or design template
  • Get logo made
  • Structure site
  • Fill in content
  • Find web hosting
  • Upload site 

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Cold Fusion CMFL Tags

CFABORT - Stops processing of a ColdFusion page at the tag location.
CFAPPLET - Embeds Java applets in a CFFORM.
CFAPPLICATION - Defines application name, activates client variables.
CFASSOCIATE - Enables sub-tag data to be saved with the base tag.
CFAUTHENTICATE - Authenticates a user and sets the security context for an application.
CFBREAK - Breaks out of a CFML looping construct.
CFCACHE - Caches ColdFusion pages.
CFCOL - Defines table column header, width, alignment, and text.
CFCOLLECTION - Creates and administers Verity collections.
CFCONTENT - Defines the content type and filename of a file to be uploaded to the browser.
CFCOOKIE - Defines and sets cookie variables.
CFDIRECTORY - Performs typical directory-handling tasks from within your ColdFusion application.
CFERROR - Displays customized HTML error pages when errors occur.
CFEXIT - Aborts processing of currently executing CFML custom tag.
CFFILE - Performs typical file-handling tasks from within your ColdFusion application.
CFFORM - Builds an input form and performs client-side input validation.
CFFTP - Permits FTP file operations.
CFGRID - Used in CFFORM to create a grid control for tabular data.
CFGRIDCOLUMN - Used in CFFORM to define the columns used in a CFGRID.
CFGRIDROW - Used with CFGRID to define a grid row.
CFGRIDUPDATE - Performs updates directly to ODBC data source from edited grid data.
CFHEADER - Generates HTTP headers.
CFHTMLHEAD - Writes text, including HTML, to the HEAD section of a specified page.
CFHTTP - Used to perform GET and POST to upload files or post a form, cookie, query, or CGI variable directly to a specified server.
CFHTTPPARAM - Used with CFHTTP to specify parameters necessary for a CFHTTP POST operation.
CFIFCFELSECFELSEIF - Used to create IF-THEN-ELSE constructs.
CFINCLUDE - Embeds references to ColdFusion pages.
CFINDEX - Used to create Verity search indexes.
CFINPUT - Used in CFFORM to create input elements such as radio buttons, checkboxes, and text entry boxes.
CFINSERT - Inserts records in an ODBC data source.
CFLDAP - Provides access to LDAP directory servers.
CFLOCATION - Opens a ColdFusion page or HTML file.
CFLOCK - Synchronizes a section of CFML code.
CFLOOP - Repeats a set of instructions based on a set of conditions.
CFMAIL - Assembles and posts an email message.
CFMODULE - Used to invoke a custom tag.
CFOBJECT - Creates and uses COM or CORBA objects.
CFOUTPUT - Displays output of database query or other operation.
CFPARAM - Defines a parameter and its initial default value.
CFPOP - Retrieves messages from a POP mail server.
CFPROCPARAM - Specifies parameter information for a stored procedure.
CFPROCRESULT - Specifies a result set name that other ColdFusion tags use to access the result set from a stored procedure.
CFQUERY - Passes SQL to a database.
CFREGISTRY - Reads, writes, and deletes keys and values in the system registry.
CFREPORT - Embeds a Crystal Reports report.
CFSCHEDULE - Schedules page execution with option to produce static pages.
CFSCRIPT - Encloses a set of CFScript statements.
CFSEARCH - Executes searches against data indexed in Verity collections using CFINDEX.
CFSELECT - Used in CFFORM to create a drop-down list box form element.
CFSET - Defines a variable.
CFSETTING - Define and control a variety ColdFusion settings.
CFSLIDER - Used in CFFORM to create a slider control element.
CFSTOREDPROC - Specifies database connection information and identifies the stored procedure to be executed.
CFSWITCH/CFCASE/ CFDEFAULTCASE - Evaluates a passed expression and passes control to the CFCASE tag that matches the expression result.
CFTABLE - Builds a table.
CFTEXTINPUT - Places a single-line text entry box in a CFFORM.
CFTHROW - Raises a developer-specified exception.
CFTRANSACTION - Groups CFQUERYs into a single transaction; performs rollback processing.
CFTREE - Used in CFFORM to create a tree control element.
CFTREEITEM - Used with CFTREE to populate a tree control element in a CFFORM.
CFTRY/CFCATCH - Allows developers to catch and process exceptions in ColdFusion pages.
CFUPDATE - Updates rows in a database data source.
CFWDDX - Serializes and de-serializes CFML data structures to the XML-based WDDX format.