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Developer Checklist
These are the basic steps involved in any development project:

  • Start with an idea
  • Research idea
  • Make a content plan
  • Buy a domain 
  • Gather content
  • Buy or design template
  • Get logo made
  • Structure site
  • Fill in content
  • Find web hosting
  • Upload site 

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The Goto Statement

The goto Statement

The goto statement allows a program execution to jump to another section of the function in which it is being used.

In order to use the goto statement, insert a name on a particular section of your function so you can refer to that name. The name, also called a label, is made of one word and follows the rules we have learned about C++ names (the name can be anything), then followed by a colon. The following program uses a for loop to count from 0 to 12, but when it encounters 5, it jumps to a designated section of the program:


int main()
for(int Count = 0; Count <= 12; ++Count)
cout << "Count " << Count << endl;

if( Count == 5 )
goto MamaMia;

cout << "Stopped at 5";

return 0;