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Developer Checklist
These are the basic steps involved in any development project:

  • Start with an idea
  • Research idea
  • Make a content plan
  • Buy a domain 
  • Gather content
  • Buy or design template
  • Get logo made
  • Structure site
  • Fill in content
  • Find web hosting
  • Upload site 

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Game Ideas Forum

Industry - Gaming

Domain Names That Would Work: GameIdeas.com  and IdeaPlayground.com

Name of Website Idea - Gaming Ideas Forum

Ever had a cool idea for a game? Many others have as well. From mod makers to wannabe game developers to just a gamer who has an interesting concept, tons of people are willing to share their game ideas with somebody else. Besides just sharing ideas, discussion would help to mold each idea in a way that the creator may have missed. In addition, such a forum would be a great place to harvest future game makers.