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Developer Checklist
These are the basic steps involved in any development project:

  • Start with an idea
  • Research idea
  • Make a content plan
  • Buy a domain 
  • Gather content
  • Buy or design template
  • Get logo made
  • Structure site
  • Fill in content
  • Find web hosting
  • Upload site 

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Fading Images

Place the following code in the head part of your document.

nereidFadeObjects = new Object();
nereidFadeTimers = new Object();

/* object - image to be faded (actual object, not name);
* destop - destination transparency level (ie 80, for mostly solid)
* rate - time in milliseconds between trasparency changes (best under 100)
* delta - amount of change each time (ie 5, for 5% change in transparency)

function nereidFade(object, destOp, rate, delta){
if (!document.all)
if (object != "[object]"){ //do this so I can take a string too


diff = destOp-object.filters.alpha.opacity;
direction = 1;
if (object.filters.alpha.opacity > destOp){
direction = -1;

if (object.filters.alpha.opacity != destOp){


Now place this code anywhere on the page you wish to apply the fading effect.

<img src="YOUR URL" style="filter:alpha(opacity=30)" onmouseover="nereidFade(this,100,70,20)" onmouseout="nereidFade(this,20,50,10)">