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Developer Checklist
These are the basic steps involved in any development project:

  • Start with an idea
  • Research idea
  • Make a content plan
  • Buy a domain 
  • Gather content
  • Buy or design template
  • Get logo made
  • Structure site
  • Fill in content
  • Find web hosting
  • Upload site 

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Page Loading Time

Things to do:
Get the time in micro-seconds using the function: microtime().
Turn the micro-time into an array using the explode() function.
Add the two parts to the array together (the micro-seconds to the seconds).
Repeat steps 1,2 and 3 for the bottom of the page
Find the total loading time by taking the time taken at the end of the page from the time taken at the top of the page
Round the microtime and return it to the browser

Put at the top of your page:

$m_time = explode(" ",microtime());
$m_time = $m_time[0] + $m_time[1];
$starttime = $m_time;

Put at the bottom of your page.

$round = 3;// The number of decimal places to round the micro time to.
$m_time = explode(" ",microtime());
$m_time = $m_time[0] + $m_time[1];
$endtime = $m_time;
$totaltime = ($endtime - $starttime);
echo "Page loading took:". round($totaltime,$round) ." seconds";

Tutorial by Xtasy