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Developer Checklist
These are the basic steps involved in any development project:

  • Start with an idea
  • Research idea
  • Make a content plan
  • Buy a domain 
  • Gather content
  • Buy or design template
  • Get logo made
  • Structure site
  • Fill in content
  • Find web hosting
  • Upload site 

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PHP Redirection

Whether using Notepad or Dreamweaver or anything in between create a new file.

Use the following code:


<?php header("Location: http://redirectinghere.com"); ?>
<title>Your Title Here</title>

The first part tells the script where to redirect to. It is placed in the header so that it is the first thing that loads therefore taking you there. Of course you would change the "Location" to the URL that you wish to redirect to. You can also edit the title tags.

Save as a PHP file and upload it to your server space.

You are done !!!

Here is a SEO tip: Fill the body of the document with keywords. This will make the Search Engine Crawler pick up on these giving you a better chance on them.